Well, the rumors happen to be right. There were no rumors? Shut up.

After releasing our Debut-CD and our shirts we noticed something:
You can sell 100 CDs and still are at a loss. Or you can sell 10 shirts, have loooots of left and make profit. So we’re never making music again and just sell loooots of merch.

You can get yours, as always, at our shows. Or take a closer look at our merch-section. Or just contact us. Maybe we’ll have time for reading your messages while chillin‘ at our private bay on the Bahamas. Cause we’re already rich. Cause of the merch. Get it?

Trax Beanie Special Edition. Price: unaffordable

As you can see we even got 1 single limited Special Edition Beanie which is totally not a product defect! If you beg to differ talk to our lawyers.

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