First, we’re gonna show off a bit with the headlines.

The jury voted us to the top 10 of the 2019 Lautstark! Contest. After 3 weeks of insane internet voting of you guys, we are pleased to announce that we made it to place 4 – and that’s all thanks to you! Even that we’re not number 1. Is not because of the jury. It’s because of you. Suckers.

Look at our really cool prize. Place 4. Yeah.

We were able to give you a little something back in form of a live set on stage at Posthof Linz. Even built in some extra mistakes to fit place 4. If you wanna see more of our show then check out our pics.

It was indeed the biggest stage we’ve been on until now (that’s a close one). But the year has just begun – so see ya on one of those!

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